I’m sure all you guys know that I am on crutches right now. If you didn’t, then you should pay more attention because I have been on crutches for four weeks. I would like to take some time to share my experiences on crutches. First of all I would like to recommend that nobody hurts their leg because crutches suck. They completely changed my life. Before I could do anything that I wanted to do on my own. Now i need help n the lunch line because I cannot carry my own tray. Actually I cannot carry anything on my own. I have both hands on the crutches. crutches have turned my life upside down. I cannot do anything that I love to do. I cant play sports, ride bikes, or do anything that I want. I still have two weeks left till I can walk. I am so excited.

Why must this happen to me?


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5 Responses to Crutches…

  1. bgabrielle says:

    That must really suck! Reading this almost makes me want to take precaution when it comes to my own legs! I’m sorry that this happened to you but in two weeks it’ll all be over!

  2. At least you don’t have to wait that much longer. I hope you get better fast. But you should be happy, others can do your “bidding”.

  3. Koby says:

    Gebes u keep doin your best but just remember im still gonna tease you

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