Fix A Flat Tire

How To Fix A Flat Tire:

When you are riding down the trail, there are many things one can ride over that can puncture your tire. There are thorns, glass, metal, and sharp rock. It is best to avoid these objects when riding down the trail. If one does get a flat tire, it is important to stop immediately. It can be very dangerous to ride with a flat tire, plus it is also bad for the bike wheel and rim. When you come to a stop move your bike off the trail so that one does not get hit. It is also common curtsey to not block the trail for others. Once off the trail, you should unlock your breaks.

There are four main types of brakes used. The V- brake, Caliper, and Cantilever will come apart by squeezing the breaks together so that there is slack on the cable. Make sure to grab the actual breaks and not the brake handle on the handlebars, otherwise the break cable will be too tight to release the breaks. When the break cable is loose you can release the cable so that the breaks are disconnected. Then you can flip the bike over so that it is resting on the seat and handlebars. Then you can loosen the nuts on the axle. Some bikes have quick release handles that make changing tires easy. If yours does not, it would be a good idea to carry a wrench with you so that you can loosen the nut. You should loosen the nut on each side of the wheel. If your flat is on the front tire then you can just slide your tire out. If it is in the back then you will have to push the derailer forward so that you have slack on the chain. Then you can get the wheel off. When you get the wheel off, the next step is to take off the tire so that you can get to the tube. The easiest way to get the tire off is to use a tire lever, and start at one point and work your way around the tire till the one side of the tire is off the rim. Then you can grab the tire and pull it off the wheel.When the tire is separated from the rim, you may set the rim aside. First look over the tire sometimes you can spot the puncture from the outside, but most of the time you can’t.  If you can see it pull it out. Carefully pull the tube out of the tire. The next step will be to find the puncture area. The easiest way to find it is to pump the tire full of air. The puncture will blast air through the hole. Use a sensitive part of the body like your mouth to feel for the air rushing out of the tube. If the object is still in the tube then carefully pull it out. Keep your thumb over the puncture site once you find it so you don’t have to search for it again. Next use the metal scratcher in your patch kit to ruff up the area around the puncture site. This makes the adhesive bond well with the tube. Some patches are like stickers that have the adhesive already on them. Others come with a glue like substance that holds the patch over the site. Both work great, the glue just takes longer to apply while the stickers immediately stick on. Make sure to read the directions that comes with your kit, as each on varies. Apply the patch with lots of pressure. The final product should look like this.

After you have applied the patch you can stuff the tube without air, back into the tire. Make sure the tube does not have much air in it, otherwise it will be hard to get the tire back on the wheel later. Next starting with the valve stem put the tire back on the wheel. You can always use your tire lever if the tire will not easily stretch over the rim. Then you can pump up the tire and put it back on your bike. then you need to put your brakes back  together. then you can head off and enjoy the rest of your ride.



One Response to Fix A Flat Tire

  1. Nathan Srebeg says:

    I really hate texas sandburrs. They have absolutely no place in nebraska. They gave my biking group many flats up near Valentine.

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