There are several different types of bikes. Most people own a mountain bike.There are alos two other kinds of bikes. They are road bikes and hybrid bikes. Road bikes are often very light weight. the main difference from the mountain bike are the tires. If you looked at a road bikes tire, you would see that it is very skinny and smooth. On the other hand, mountain bike tires are very wide with  lots of nubbs on them. The wheel are different because they are used for different purposes. The mountain bike has more traction because out on trails you may find loose areas and you would need the extra traction. Road bikes are made to be ridden on smooth surfaces and are designed for speed with low rolling resistance. These bikes are often associated with racing. Hybrid bikes are a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. Their tires are also a combination of road and mountain bike tires. It has a strip of smooth tread down the middle for normal riding. Then it has nubs on the outside to give extra grip when going over rough terrain. To find out more about each bike, visit the subpages in the main menu.


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