Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are designed for rough terrain and rocky trails. There are many characteristics that make mountain bikes different from other bikes. The first difference is an obvious one. At a first look one could see that the handle bars are very different from other bikes. Most mountain bike handle bars are straight or slightly bent.  This allows the rider better control over the steering when going down a bumpy or loose trail. The handle bars are longer, they provide more leverage for turning. It keeps you in control if your bike.

Mountain bikes have large tires. The tires have lots of nubs on them for grip and traction. They are also wider than road tires because they need to keep contact with the ground so that you don’t lose traction.

The mountain bike also has a larger frame. The frame of a mountain bike is heavy duty because most trails are rough, and the frame has to take a lot of stress. Most frames also incorporate shock absorbers. These relieve some of the stress of the trail off you and the bike. Some people do jumps or extreme downhill mountain biking. It is very important that the frames hold up. If the frame breaks of gets cracked then the bike is worthless. It becomes dangerous to ride and should be recycled or reused.


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