Road Bikes

The road bike is commonly associated with bike racing. It is professionals bike of choice because it is lightweight, has smaller gears, is aerodynamic, and because it has thinner tires. A road bike can also be a great commuter bike for anyone who would normally bike to work or use it for transportation. The bike is designed to be ridden on smooth roads. That is why it has the thin tires and lightweight frame. They are not designed to go off road because the bumps will hurt your bike. The small tires don’t give you much cushion on bigger bumps. These bumps can bend your rims or your spokes. This will cause your wheel to be off balance. It can also be dangerous to ride a rode bike on gravel because the tires will be very smooth. One can lose traction and wipeout. The tires are thin because thinner tires have less rolling resistance. That way you can go faster and coast longer. The handle bars are very different from normal straight ones. They curve into a U-shape. These handle bars allow one to bend over further so that they are more aerodynamic. The handle bars are also a lot narrower. This makes the ride more comfortable. On a normal mountain bike there are larger gears. That is because there are usually more hills to climb. Roads are typically flat. Road bikes have smaller gears because they aren’t made for climbing hills; they are made for speed. The smaller gears will allow one to go faster. Road bikes are generally more expensive because of the lightweight frame. Overall this bike is made for roads use and should not be taken out on trails unless specifically modified.


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