Safety on a bike

The most important part of riding a bike is safety. There are many laws Lincoln has put up to keep cyclists safe.

  • Lincoln requires that cyclists stay to the far right-hand side of the street as possible. This is for our own safety, because it leaves more room for cars to pass on by.
  • Cyclists are also supposed to yield to pedestrians just like cars.
  •  A new rule that Lincoln is enforcing is walking your bike across the cross walk of a street. This rule was made because some people can lose their balance and fall off their bike in a busy intersection. It is just safer to walk your bike across.
  • The city of Lincoln expects everybody to obey all traffic signs and signals. Cyclists should also ride single file, so that they don’t take up the whole road.
  • Lincoln also requires all bikes to have working breaks.
  • It is also illegal to ride a bike with more people then it is designed to carry.
  • It is also illegal to chain your bike to a fire hydrant because it might prohibit fire fighters access to the hydrant.
  • A rider must always signal his turns, using the appropriate turn signal.

These are the laws that Lincoln has, but there are a few more safety tips that I would like to give you.

  • Always wear a properly fitted helmet. Most people choose to not wear one because they are a good rider, but a good rider can always get hit by a dangerous or even drunk driver. In that case a helmet will save your head from smashing into the ground.
  • Always ride with two hands on the handlebars. Goofing around is a good way to crash your bike.
  •  Always wear reflective clothing so that drivers know you are there.
  • Try to avoid road hazards. A simple thing like a stick can throw you off your bike.
  • Try to avoid riding at night when possible.

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