Presidential Election

In the next two months you will go to a local voting booth and vote for the next president of the United States. There are many topics to consider when casting your vote, such as healthcare, foreign policy, immigration, Government budget, and  national debt. One should research these topics to find where the candidates stand before casting a ballot. I have a poll below, and I would like to know who you would vote for based on what you already know about the candidates.

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New Website Theme!

After about a week of debating on which subject I should choose for my website I have come to a consensus. My top three picks were Lincoln Lutheran boys Soccer, discgolf in lincoln, biking. I have chosen Biking. I think that it is a topic that has many main point to talk about such as trails in lincoln, the anatomy of the bike, different types of bikes and their purposes, bike safety, good trails to ride, how to fix a bike, flat tires, and gear.

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I’m sure all you guys know that I am on crutches right now. If you didn’t, then you should pay more attention because I have been on crutches for four weeks. I would like to take some time to share my experiences on crutches. First of all I would like to recommend that nobody hurts their leg because crutches suck. They completely changed my life. Before I could do anything that I wanted to do on my own. Now i need help n the lunch line because I cannot carry my own tray. Actually I cannot carry anything on my own. I have both hands on the crutches. crutches have turned my life upside down. I cannot do anything that I love to do. I cant play sports, ride bikes, or do anything that I want. I still have two weeks left till I can walk. I am so excited.

Why must this happen to me?


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